Traditional resist techniques & hand dyed with natural indigo

We have a handmade approach in the making of our textiles, so we invest a good amount of time and care in every piece. In order to create our patterns, we hand stitch, bind, pleat, block print or use stencils to resist fragments of the cloth. Then we dip dye with 100% natural Indigo, our most valued material. We only use organic indigo and we also extract our own pigment from Persicaria Tinctoria plants to use in special projects.

We are very proud to use organic dye vats, making our dyeing process environmental and skin friendly. Each of our products is unique and made with the best raw materials. We source different types of plant based fabrics to create our products, but hand-spun, hand-woven fabrics will always be our old time favourites.

Every piece is dyed in indigo multiple times until the desired shade of indigo is achieved. This is a labour intensive process that we thoroughly enjoy, as we appreciate the interesting alchemy of this unique dyeing technique.

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