I studied indigo and traditional textile techniques in Japan from 2011-2013. Ever since, my ongoing research on indigo growing and different dyeing practices around the world has taken me to do further fieldwork in Japan, India and Vietnam and to learn from artisans and master dyers from West Africa, Europe and America.



I’ve been growing indigo in the UK since 2019. I grow Isatis tinctoria and different varieties of  Persicaria tinctoria and use various methods of extracting indigo pigment and other colour dyes produced by these plants plants.



I co-founded Indigo Garden London in 2020 with artist Liza Mckenzie, it is an educational space where we run workshops and community events to promote sustainable indigo growing and dyeing. We are supported by Blackhorse Lane Ateliers.



I’ve been running indigo dye and traditional Japanese shiborizome workshops from 2019. Recent workshops include:

  • Indigo from seed to dye
  • Indigo Masterclass
  • Painting on fabric with natural indigo
  • Prints and patterns with indigo plants
  • Traditional Japanese shibori & indigo dyeing


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  • Indigo Exhibition 2020 (藍色展2020). Tokushima, Japan. January 2020
  • Spring Arts and Crafts Showcase, Arts Depot. London, UK. March- April 2019


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