Luisa Uribe, is a designer based in London. She previously spent a few years living in Japan, where she discovered a love for indigo dyeing. It was there where she began the study of traditional Japanese textile techniques and the place where her textile art has been exhibited.

“ Indigo is not only my favourite colour, it’s what connects me the most with nature”

Her passion for indigo has recently taken Luisa to take part in an indigo / natural dyes apprenticeship with the NungAn ethnic minority group in Vietnam and to spend some time in India, where she learnt about local indigo, mud resist and hand block printing techniques. Over the years, she has also learnt from other masters from West Africa, America and Europe and her ongoing research haven’t reached an end.

Luisa has been growing Persicaria Tinctoria since 2019, from which she extracts indigo pigment to dye, paint and make other artist’s materials with. Luisa also co-founded the Indigo Garden London, an educational space dedicated to growing indigo bearing plants and promoting slow and sustainable textile dyeing. 

Luisa runs indigo and Shiborizome workshops in the UK and has taught in other countries around Europe hoping to keep sharing her passion for indigo with many others.  

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