3-day Indigo Intensive (France) 7, 8, 9 Sept 2020

In this workshop you’ll experience the magic and power of indigo in all its different applications. You’ll dye beautiful shades of turquoise and soft blues with fresh indigo, and also darker shades using indigo pigment and natural ingredients only. You’ll learn to make and maintain an organic indigo vat, to dye different types of fibres and to use indigo as paint for direct application.

It will be a fun and hands-on experience where you’d create various projects to take home whilst learning about the fascinating alchemy of this dye.

L’Atelier de Mademoiselle C

English with French translation

9:00 – 17:00

Materials inclusive

All bookings through ateliermademoisellec@gmail.com



Day 1, Fresh Indigo 

Silk dyeing with fresh Persicaria Tinctoria leaves (2 methods)

Cotton dyeing with fresh Persicaria Tinctoria leaves

Tatakizome– creation of vegetal patterns 

Day 2, Organic vat 

Fructose vat making and maintaining

Fabric scouring

Vat dyeing various shades of indigo

Day 3, Hikizome: Painting with Indigo

Homemade soymilk making

Soymilk fibre sizing

Painting with indigo pigment onto fabric

About the location

L’atelier de Mademoiselle C

Former script reader and knitting designer, Caroline Cochet Aka Mademoiselle C has set up a dyeing workspace 30km away from Bordeaux in the French countryside.  She learned indigo dyeing in Japan and keep looking for her « True Blue » which is both dark and full of light.  Indigo dyeing.

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